MPA Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. (India) offers compressor shaft repair services on land base, off- shore and sea going vessel, any time, all over the world.


Onsite machining repairs depends on a team of skilled technicians, supervisors and correct tooling. Our technicians are highly competent and motivated field machinists. All the supervisors and technicians had the opportunity to work under senior technical specialists from the world’s major engine manufacturers, established institutions and certification agencies.


Our engineering experts are familiar with different engine makers and their individual design features. We have a large portable machining/grinding tools inventory to carry out our work for different make of engines.


For any industry the repair time is a major factor, henceforth, MPAPPPL has the latest breed of mechanism operated by pneumatic compressed air. Introducing new generation equipment facilitates in reducing the down time of the engines considerably.

MPAPPPL Offers Services


  1. Specially designed in-situ compressor crankshaft grinding machine for repair of parts, without dismantling the engine.
  2.  The ready availability of tools and drawing for most of the engine.
  3. Trained engineers and mechanics, skilled in the art of in-situ grinding of compressor crankshaft, cylindrical shaft, rotor shaft etc.
  4. The vast experience of having repair of different make of engine crankshaft in India and all over the world.
  5.  Full range of equipment from 90mm to 550mm in diameter.

Compressor Shaft Grinding Repairs

  1. Through pre inspection of procedure and submission of report.
  2. Calibration of crankshaft
  3. Hardness test
  4. Dye penetrant test, magnetic particle test for surface and subsurface crack detection on site
  5. Deflection and trueness test.

Based on the extent of damage and pre inspection report, appropriate procedures are defined like:


  1. Damaged fillet radius regrinds
  2. On site grinding of crankshaft maintain taper and ovality as per OEM
  3. Specification i.e. 0.02mm roundness and parallelism.
  4. Surfaces finish better than 0.30 um Ra.
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