We undertake in-situ line boring of large Engine Blocks, Compressors, Gear boxes etc. MPAPPPL has specially designed in-situ line boring equipment supported with skilled personnel for executing the line boring repairs, strictly as per the manufacturer’s specification.

  • We are capable of machining two or more bores in line up to the length of 8 meters within close tolerance of 40 microns.
  • The equipments are light-weight and portable. Our technicians travel to you to undertake precision line boring of damage or misaligned bores.
  • The equipments are of the latest design and pneumatically operated with the motors imported from Europe.
  • We cater for the diameters ranging from 100mm to 800mm.
  • Both the upper and lower liner landing area can also be machined to remove the damage of the face and the bore.
  • Our engineering experts are familiar with different engine makes and their individual design features.

Problems Most Often Observed

  1. Seizure of bearing locks, resulting in damage to bearing housing and subsequently to Crankshaft.
  2. Shaft line with two or more bearing requiring special alignment or restoration
  3. In case of seizure of bearings, M.J. Housing bores are enlarged
    The central line of all the housings are maintained
  4. We ensure that alignments and bore dimensions of the M.J. housing is strictly maintained as per the OEM’s standard.
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