Rolls Royce Engine Model B32: 40V, 16AH, 7200 KW

Client: Power Plant

Client: Power Plant

Engine Model: B32: 40V, 16AH.

Power: 7200KW.

Make: Rolls Royce

Fuel: HFO

Standard Diameter (C.R Pin): 270mm.


Grinding Done 2mm. undersize from standard.


Final Size: 267.98 to 267.99 mm.- Ovality Maintained 0.01mm against the permissible limit of 0.032mm.


MPA POWER team visited the site after receipt of confirmation of onsite grinding of the crankshaft. The Pre- Inspection observation:

Before Grinding

  • Calibration of crank Pin and found deep bearing line marks and dent.
  • Checking the deflection of the crankshaft to ascertain within the limit.
  • Magnetic particle test for crack detection.
  • Hardness check and noted.
  • Once observed, all parameters within the limit, discussed with the manager, and start grinding of the crankshaft.
  • Grinding up to 2 mm. undersize from standard removed all dent mark and line mark-maintained surface finish up to 0.18 Ra against the permissible limit of 0.4 Ra.
  • Final Report made and signed by Client

After Grinding

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