Expert Connecting Rod Repair with MPA Power Project


The most cost-Effective expertised Solution for your engine and vessels. MPA Power Project offers expert connecting rod repair services that are designed to help prevent engine failure. Our technicians are trained to repair all types of connecting rod assemblies, and we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs. 

Whether you’re looking for a connecting rod repair service or bearing connecting rod plus Engine Connecting Rod or you need to replace your entire assembly, MPA Power Project can help. 

  • We offer a wide variety of services, including inspection, and maintenance. Our expert technicians are trained to repair all types of engine connecting rod repair, restoring engine connecting rods. 
  • We have access to the latest technology at affordable connecting rod repair costs available anywhere. 
  • We use our technology to ensure that our repairs are as strong and durable as possible.
  •  If you have questions about our services or if you would like more information about how we can help with your engine repair needs, contact us today.

Catching Common Rod Issues – Engine & Bearing Connecting Rod Issues


Your engine lacking power or knocking? The main reason can be Bearing or engine connecting rod issues. When connecting rod in distress, it can be from these issues: 

  • Ovality 
  • Cracked Teeth 
  • Worn Bearing 
  • And more reasons 

Fear not! At MPA Power, our experts have got you covered. 

Dealing with the connecting rod, our team has vast knowledge and experience with the repair and re-size, to bring both the engine and the bearing connecting rod back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Advanced Engine and Bearing Connecting Rod Repair

The connecting rods are the heart of transferring the power. But wear and tear can take its toll and bear damage. With MPA Power’s ultimate expertise get the best repair from our end: 

  • Magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing to determine surface, subsurface cracks and internal flow.
  • Inspection of centre distance and straightness on D.R.D.O machine
  • Machining of serration area
  • Internal machining of big end and small end bores to remove ovality.
  • Face grinding to maintain the trueness
  • Fine surface finish achieved during grinding and tested with digital surface roughness gauge.
  • Repair of bore size from 50mm to 850mm.
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