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Providing The Best Overhaul of Engines Ever 


MPA Power is not just a repair and overhaul of engines company. We are a group of engine saviors, engine experts. Any commercial engine anywhere, Whether Overhauling of Diesel Engine or others we will handle that for you. 

  • Cracked block to worn crankshafts, we have handled it all in our deep expertise in fixing engines, and thus we have mastered the art of engine resurrection. 
  • At MPA Power Project, when we do overhauling of Diesel Engine it will feel like you have a brand new engine in your vessel. We will breed new life into your engine. 
  • We will only use the highest quality parts along with the highest quality fluids, and our expert technicians will do the full overhaul process from start to finish with complete precision and craft.

Benefits of Engine Overhaul

Restored Efficiency:


Your engine will be like new with improved power output and fuel economy. It will perform like new after the Overhauling of Diesel Engine

Extended Lifespan:


You can extend your engine lifespan for years and years to come, saving money and time for replacement of parts through MPA Power’s repair and overhaul of engines.

Reduced Downtimes:


With the diesel engine overhaul avoid any type of costly breakdowns helping your business run very smoothly.

Peace of Mind:


Knowing that you have an overhauled engine will provide peace of mind and help you focus on what matters the most- running your business. 

Innovative Overhauling Solutions  

  • We have the cutting edge technology to work on-site and off-site to do diesel engine overhaul
  • Our Overhauling of Diesel Engine is done through the most modern and precise techniques possible to mankind. 
  • From the latest machines to engineers, we have employed the best to serve you the best.

We Are The Experts in Repair And Overhaul of Engines


  • Overhauling an engine requires a deep technical knowledge and years of expertise to make the overhaul successful. At MPA Power, we have dedicated engineers to overhaul engines. 
  • Our technicians can work in different scenarios to provide the most optimal diesel engine overhaul possible.  
  • From the full engine block repair to overhauling of crankshafts and much more, we understand the importance of durability and reliability during repair and overhaul of engines, therefore we give our best in terms of our service and parts. 
  • We strive to make sure that every engine gets the best service possible.

No Compromise on Quality

At MPA Power, our sole mission is to make the process of diesel engine overhaul  as efficient and reliable as possible.

We source our parts from the OEM manufacturers and other high quality suppliers, that produce parts made according to the highest standards possible.

We understand your concern on reliability and we have certain standards that we work on terms of parts and provide the best.

On-time Repair

We follow a set protocol of following certain steps in overhauling of Diesel Engine

We have the set guidelines for a perfect repair on the engines. 

And we provide on-time engine repair services.

 So, don’t hesitate and contact us now to get your Diesel powerhouse back on track in no time.

Engine Services


A full range of services we provide from repair and overhaul of Engines. Our services: 

  • Onsite repair and maintenance
  • Crankshaft replacement
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Connecting Rod bore measurement
  • Cylinder head rectification
  • Engine spare parts
  • Measure spare parts old/ Reconditioned with certification
  • Cylinder Liner Rehabilitation
In-situ Crankshaft Grinding

Trust the best with MPA Power Project 


MPA Power Project is a highly trusted name in the Repair and Overhaul of Engines for both Marine engines or for any other commercial applications. We take great pride in announcing  that our name has been synonymous with excellent and on-timely workmanship. We have been the major choice of big shipping companies or commercial companies to service their engines whether it’s the servicing of engine or Overhauling of Diesel Engine for different applications. 

We are a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians that are passionate about fixing engines and keep them running smooth and strong for a long time. We understand the importance of down times because of a non working engine, and we want you to get back to your business as fast as possible, but without compromising on quality and workmanship. 

From investing in the latest tools and equipment and training techniques, we ensure that our overhaul process is the best in the industry. 

We are ready for any type of Commercial Engines from any commercial engine manufacturer

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Caterpillar Marine (MaK)

MAN Energy Solutions SE

Yanmar Co. Ltd.

Wartsila Corporation

Daihatsu Diesel Mfg Co. Ltd

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd 

Rolls-Royce PLC


We are ready to serve you any engine, any time, 24X7, day or night, we are ready for the repair and overhaul of engines at any time.

With the MPA Power Project, you are getting the best engine overhaul and services. Contact us today, and never see business downtimes due to engine issues. Overhauling of Diesel Engine simplified with our state-of-the art repair and overhaul services.

Facing any kind of Engine Issues. Contact MPA Power for repair or Overhauling of Diesel Engine today!

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