MAK Main Engine Model 8M43C, 7999 Kw.

Client: Marine Company

Engine: 8M43C.

Power: 7999KW.

Make: MAK Germany

Fuel: HFO

Standard Diameter (C.R Pin): 380mm.

Standard Diameter (Main Journal): 410mm.

Grinding Done:


  • Undersize 0.5mm from standard. (All 8 no’s C.R pins)
  • Polishing of all 10 no’s Main Journals.


Final Size of all 8 no’s C.R pins: 379.48 to 379.50 mm. – Ovality Maintained 0.02mm against the permissible limit of 0.05mm.


Surface Finish after Grinding: 0.13 to 0.19 Ra.


MPA POWER team visited the site after receipt of confirmation of onsite grinding of the crankshaft. The Pre- Inspection observation:


  1. Calibration of Crank Pin and found ovality on higher side and deep bearing line marks.
  2. Main Journal also having bearing line mark and rough surface finish.
  3. Check deflection of crankshaft and observed within limit.
  4. Magnetic particle test for crack detection. No crack has been observed.
  5. Hardness checked and noted.

Before Grinding

  • All reports send by Maker Engineer to the maker and after receipt of confirmation from them. We started grinding and polishing of crankshaft.
  • Grinded all 8 no’s C.R pins 0.5 mm. Under size from standard, Removed ovality, line marks and maintained surface finish from 0.13 to 0.19 Ra.
  • Polished all 10 no’s Main journals, removed line mark and maintained surface finish 0.15Ra.
  • Final Report made and signed by Client

After Grinding

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